Megan Dowsett is a creative consultant working in museums, galleries and the arts, an illustrator who is finding her voice through personal and local projects, and a parent to two young beings who can't help but influence her creative journey.

Through the name Norris and the Flamingo, she shares the sense of adventure that runs through all of life, wherever we are on our journey. A sense of imagination, of possibility and discovery, for children and adults alike.

30 June 2010

A King at Last

Inspired by Charles Earnest Butler's King Arthur, my 5-8 Art Club at Orleans House created their own papier mache crowns, photographed themselves in a more local setting and then added their own personal flourish to re-enact the original painting ...

28 June 2010


The chickens of Freightliners City Farm have the most outrageous fashion sense ...

21 June 2010

Eccentric Sketching

I spent a glorious couple of days with a group from St James' Primary School (Hampton), exploring Place Setting with sketchbooks and drawing challenges before heading off to make our own creations. Gifted children sometimes find it difficult to let go of their perfectionism, so I really enjoy sharing some of my favourite challenges - drawing without looking at the paper, without taking the pen off the paper, or looking really hard and then drawing from memory. This group responded inspirationally - these are a come of my favourites, by Magdalena, Rachele, Isabel and Ella.

Ready for the Alps

This week saw the release of my second kayaking badge as Emma and I sent our canoe club colleagues off to the Alps with a badge for the 'Alps first timers' ... From what we heard, the square badge has given power to the paddles and they're all having an amazing time!

Words on Water

The Londonist is displaying a beautiful series of hand-drawn maps of different London localities. This series by John Richardson caught my eye, yes for it's beauty, but also because it reminded me of a long standing idea-yet-to-be-started, to sketch the Thames in all its glory. I once walked along the river from Teddington to Vauxhall and I felt the world, the landscape and the people change around me as I and the river stayed constant, walking and flowing, walking and flowing. I'd like to create a map of the Thames from source to sea, drawing moments of it's architecture and riverside life along the way. One day ...

14 June 2010

Contemporary Ruff-ling

This year's Twickenham Carnival took on a traditional English theme, to connect with Orleans House's new exhibition 'Heritage Now', featuring work by Eleanor Pritchard. I'm really excited about this exhibition - it's ultra contemporary, supremely sophisticated and combine elegance, history and beauty divinely. Lot's of exciting workshops for us respond with!

One such thought being ruffs. Eleanor has been making ruffs with school children and we thought we'd do the same at Carnival ... check out this height of fashion twenty-first century ruff!

Carnival Time

During Half Term's Holiday Activities for 5 - 9s at Orleans House, I made my first adventures into the world of willow. With mixed success, a lot of fun and some subsequent pride when some of the participants stroll onto the grounds in the midst of the Twickenham Carnival parade. It's very satisfying to work on this kind of scale, yet with quite quick results!

11 June 2010

Teenage Life Drawing

The first time I introduced my 10:15 Club to Life Drawing, they squirmed uncomfortably at the idea, turned their (beautiful) drawings around in shame and left all their work behind afterwards. So I vowed to do it with them once a term. This was the second time, and they accepted their fate with resignation, creating an incredibly array of drawings. It was incredible how they opened up to the idea of drawing freely, working on a large scale, using an array of techniques from masking tape to graphite to ink and sticks. This is Micol's work - she has transformed herself into an incredibly talented artist this year!

9 June 2010


There is a plan for the continuation of this felted piece ... but I rather fell in love with the simplicity of the holes alone. Something about the texture and the focus on an empty space or absence. I think there may be more holes to come ...

4 June 2010

Adventures in Shrewsbury

I spent a day in Shrewsbury a couple of weeks ago on a project for the NSPCC. Afterwards, I explored the delights or a gorgeous old town ... and here is one of my drawings ...

1 June 2010

Lace these days

Lace these days is not what it used to be! If you think of lace as something Victorian, something beautiful, delicate, white and, well a bit outdated, then, well so did I until my mum took up lacemaking again. I went 'home' the other evening to find her busy at the kitchen table ... the most exquisite combination of colours, textures and patterns. The pitter patter clatter of bobbins against each other, the thud of bobbins against backing (the sigh of recognising a mistake) ...

(I'm now the proud owner of this masterpiece!)