Megan Dowsett is a creative consultant working in museums, galleries and the arts, an illustrator who is finding her voice through personal and local projects, and a parent to two young beings who can't help but influence her creative journey.

Through the name Norris and the Flamingo, she shares the sense of adventure that runs through all of life, wherever we are on our journey. A sense of imagination, of possibility and discovery, for children and adults alike.

1 March 2011

Golden Swans and Blind Vultures

Last week's Holiday Activities at Orleans House saw my 9-14s group creating illustrations of Indian Folktales inspired by the enormous, eccentric works of Piyali Ghosh, which form part of the Journeys exhibition.

In a day which used printmaking, collage, painting and drawing, as well as getting to know their folktale of choice, we had a grand old time! Here are illustrations of the Golden Swan and the Blind Vulture.