Megan Dowsett is a creative consultant working in museums, galleries and the arts, an illustrator who is finding her voice through personal and local projects, and a parent to two young beings who can't help but influence her creative journey.

Through the name Norris and the Flamingo, she shares the sense of adventure that runs through all of life, wherever we are on our journey. A sense of imagination, of possibility and discovery, for children and adults alike.

25 February 2014

Printing with Potatoes ... and Stuff

IMG_6527 A long-awaited day (for me, at least!) I finally introduced my Fairy God-Daughter to the glorious world of printing. As her first time printing, it was a laid back free-for-all, at the joyful phase in development where she's not entirely sure about getting her hands dirty ... ah, she will learn! Beginning with potatoes, and moving onto hands, fingers, stuffed squidgies and monoprinting (or a sort), we had a wonderful afternoon! IMG_6519

21 February 2014

Feets' First Mobile

IMG_6545Perhaps the first time Mr Liam and I have collaborated on a creative project, we thought baby Feets deserved a mobile to keep her busy during those early morning waking hours when (naturally) her parents are fast asleep. Knowing newborn babies have the better sight for high contrasting things, we thought we could theme our mobile on black and white animals - amazing how many there are when you begin to think about it! IMG_6537

18 February 2014

Isabella Blow at Somerset House

I treated myself to a trip to the Isabella Blow exhibition at Somerset House.  I have very little idea about fashion past, present or future, but I always love to explore the decadence of over-the-top, utterly impractical, richly and vibrantly textured costume, and the way it is crafted to fit the human form.
More than anything else, the exotic forms of Philip Treacy's hats caught my attention - what more decadent, indulgent, fanciful item to celebrate pure fashion?  And their shapes and forms were exquisite ... unlike clothing, hat design is an almost entirely sculptural concept, to form something simply to perch on or around the head ...
IMG_6539 IMG_6541 IMG_6540

14 February 2014

Pop Up Anniversary Card

A big anniversary is always an opportunity simply to play with whatever resources are to hand, I think. Congratulations, parentals! IMG_6532

11 February 2014

CD Magic

IMG_6508 In Paris over Christmas, we stumbled across a luxurious, extravagant shopping gallery lined with boutiques selling crafts, clothes and the inevitable jewels, hats and other accessories.

But our attention was most caught by the array of lampshades and decorations which shone and glimmered above us ... and were made entirely from CDs.

I see some experimentation afoot in 2014!  Heat guns, ovens and soldering are not entirely conducive to newborn babies, though, I suppose ...

7 February 2014

Mosaic Plant Pots

IMG_6500 Since the long ago mosaic project with Rowan Arts, I've hoarded a small supply of broken crockery pieces, with an eye to various experiments. My desire to make this year's Christmas Presents finally provoked me to embark on these small projects. Over the summer, I planted some new Christmas Cactus, and finally I used my odds and ends to develop mosaics.
IMG_6502Although it's not my favourite one, I had long wanted to experiment with using the white ridges on the backs of plates to create winding patterns, built by the texture of the mosaic rather than the colours. These pieces are quite hard to break small enough, and are often not quite the right size or shape, so I think it would work better on a bigger project, but require a multitude of broken plates!

4 February 2014

One Last Christmas Decoration

IMG_6515 Needing something simple, festive and therapeutic to keep me busy over Christmas, I found myself making strings of origami stars from the pages of a book.