Megan Dowsett is a freelance creative consultant working with museums and galleries.

Through the name Norris and the Flamingo, she shares the sense of adventure that runs through all of life, wherever we are on our journey. A sense of imagination, of possibility and discovery, for children and adults alike.

Her core values come down to two simple things:

People: At the heart of everything she does, people are there – be it audiences of any age or background, volunteers, staff or freelancers and apprentices. She believes that the best projects take everybody with them on a learning journey.

Creativity: In every role she’s taken, creativity has played a key priority. Working in Museums and Galleries, creativity brings a valuable opportunity to think about the same things in a different way.

Museums and galleries are the perfect place to bring the joy of discovery and magic of adventure to everyone who passes through the doors - and to invite those who haven't yet braved these sometimes intimidating buildings, to do so in a dynamic and inviting way.

Over twelve years working in these exciting settings, Megan has developed extensive experience in both managing and delivering creative projects that engage with a wide variety of audiences.

29 April 2014

Baby Sketchbook

IMG_6597 I figured if I was going to manage any artwork with a new baby, it would have to be short and swift projects! So a daily (or not so daily) sketchbook of my daughter seemed a good place to start. Here are a few pages, apologies for the poor picture quality. IMG_6598 IMG_6599

21 April 2014

Hockney at Dulwich Picture Gallery

Hockney is an artist whom it never occurs to me to list as one of my favourites, and yet each time I find myself in one of his exhibitions, I find myself inspired in new and different ways.  It also seems that his exhibitions provide markers for my artistic journey - an exhibition I visited in my teens became what I think of as my first positive gallery experience, having always considered museums and galleries tedious before that.

Last week I went to the Hockney Printmaker exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery.  Of course, it made me want to take up etching and lithography, printing forms so technical that I've never been tempted to acquaint myself with them.
I loved the abstract narrative and mix with text of Hockney's early prints as a student, including this one from the Rake's Progress.

And it's completely different to what I expect of Hockney but I really enjoyed his 'Weather Series' - this one, Lightning, in paticular, along with Wind and Rain.  Not the sunny days for me!!

14 April 2014

Baby Footprints

IMG_6588I knew how much I would miss sharing the joys of creativity with the world after having my baby, until a colleague pointed out I was embarking on a '30 year workshop'! IMG_6589
So I began last week, with the glorious mayhem of pressing friends' babies' footprints into clay and taking a plaster imprint from them.

The pleasures of collaborative mess never cease ... though the challenges of working around the demands of my own baby add a new dimension to leading workshops!

7 April 2014

London Stories

I enjoyed a serene moment with Ailsa, on our visit to the London Transport Museum to meet the colleagues, when we explored the London Stories illustration exhibition.  A gorgeous display linking two of my favourite themes - illustration and London ... what Londoner doesn't have a fascination with this city?!  These are a few of my favourites ...
The Ravens in the Tower of London, by Mia Borstrand
London Shadows by Shinsaku Iwatachi
 Starlings on the Clock by Sonia Poli