Megan Dowsett is a creative consultant working in museums, galleries and the arts, an illustrator who is finding her voice through personal and local projects, and a parent to two young beings who can't help but influence her creative journey.

Through the name Norris and the Flamingo, she shares the sense of adventure that runs through all of life, wherever we are on our journey. A sense of imagination, of possibility and discovery, for children and adults alike.

11 October 2015

Home Alternative to Screen Printing

IMAG0026 We had a flurry of precious colleagues departing our team for pastures new, a few weeks back.  Laura and I decided to coordinate a team screen-print for our fabric-loving Rachel, overlooking the fact that we couldn't find the screen printing equipment.  Faced with the carefully cut templates of all our colleagues, we bravely sponge-rolled the prints instead.  Thankfully it worked.